T100 On-Board-Air

Here's the only T100 with OBA that I know of so far:
He used a York compressor as well.

I've got the same pulley modified the same way and mounted. I didn't like his soft (rubber) mounting method and belt adjustment, so I'm doing it a little differently (hard mounted with and adjustable idler pulley).

I got the compressor mounted, I just need a special bolt I had to order for the timing cover so that I can leave it in the truck. And the right sized belt, obviously...

The idler pulley and adjuster bolt are from the power steering idler on a 22R engine.

The compressor is mount is VERY solid, even with the one bolt not screwed in, so I think it will work without vibration like the new one in my 4runner.

Update- Its in and working. No problems so far. No plumbing yet though. Two new pics below.





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